Home-Start Essex

Support and friendship for families

Home-Start Essex

Support and friendship for families

Home-Start Essex

Support and friendship for families

Getting Support

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Our Values

• Supportive; we want to help families help themselves.
• Non-judgemental; every family is different.
• Approachable; we will be approachable and friendly at all times.
• Professional; we will maintain the very highest standards.
• Collaborative; we will work in partnership. We cannot do everything on our own.
• Inclusive; we value and celebrate diversity.
• Family-led; we place the needs of children and families at the forefront.

Explore the services that Home-Start Essex offers

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Access the support of a professionally trained volunteer for weekly home-based visits. Our volunteers can help with a wide range of issues and difficulties.

Events and Activities

Throughout the year we host and organise a range of activities and trips for Home-Start Essex families that are child care friendly. In addition, we host multiple fundraisers that are available to all.

Parent Peer Research

This year Home-Start Essex will be recruiting parents as researchers to explore and re-design antenatal mental health information, advice and guidance. If you are interested then get in touch on our Contact Us page.

Family Groups

Home-Start Essex families have access to our popular Family Groups which take place throughout the year. Meet other parents, make new friends and feel more connected.

Special Projects

Targeted programmes designed for specific needs, and delivered in a limited selection of areas, including the Elpitha Course, Gingerbread, Big Hopes Big Futures and Startwell.


Services provided throughout the county of Essex covering mental and physical health through four programmes: Fitness and Fun, Wellbeing groups, Elpitha and Walk & Talk.

If you want to make a referral for yourself or on behalf of someone else please go to this page:  Referrals Section

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