Family Groups

Connecting families together 

What are Family Groups?

Family Groups are available to Home-Start Essex families who want to meet other parents, build connections and gain peer support from others. With child care provided by our professional volunteers at the groups, parents find a safe and contained space to share their experiences. 

What’s involved?

We run Family Groups all over the county and are available to Home-Start Essex families only. With child care and extra support provided, our groups are a safe space to come and meet other parents


Meet new people and make strong friendships. Together we share, offer each other support and work together to address the challenges of parenting life. Child care is provided by trained staff


With extra staff on hand, our Family Group is welcoming, inclusive and each and every member is treated with respect. Unlike traditional toddler groups, our Family Groups are for Home-Start families only



Learn new skills and strategies to encourage healthy eating, potty training, nursery preparation and behaviour management. Gain advice on tried and tested approaches to common challenges. 

Need Support?

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